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Newly diagnosed with HIV and looking for some information, here are some sites we recommend:
This is an Australian site with basic information for newly diagnosed persons.   You need to follow the links within the site to find information on newly diagnosed.

The Body
This is an extensive site on HIV issues and topics and has many good resources for gay men in dealing with HIV, including a seperate section for gay men. There a lot of useful information here but it may take awhile to get through the material you are interested in. The sites search engine is very helpful.

Positive Life
This is an Australian site that discusses who you may want to tell or talk to about your HIV status.  It is brief site and addresses many issues that relate to telling others you are HIV+.

This a Canadian site and gives good step by step information about being newly diagnosed with HIV.  The site is carefully laid out and addresses many HIV issues in a careful supportive way.

Project Inform
This is a US site.  It provides information to newly diagnosed persons. It is not a gay site, however, it does contain current and useful information.

For a better understanding of Acute HIV, visit the Acute HIV info section of our site.